Organoid-based drug discovery platform (ADIO)

ORGANOIDSCIENCES, Ltd. is a South Korea’s first biotech to develop first-in-class regenerative medicine for incurable diseases and a new drug development platform that can meet various unmet needs.

As we all know, organoids are a promising strategy in the field of drug discovery with high level reflecting the patient population heterogeneity and antigen expression. We have developed various organoid-based drug discovery platform such as anticancer drugs, antiviral drugs and antifibrotic agents evaluation.
In particular, we are specialized to evaluate the efficacy of patient-specific immune checkpoint inhibitors by using our own ADIO (Autologous organoids-based Discovery for Immuno-Oncology drug) platform that co-cultures tumor organoids with patient-derived immune cells.

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We would also like to present more details of our innovative platforms for the drug development and discuss any possible collaborations.